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Hello.....We are Robert (Bob) McNeally Jr. and Lisa Kirk

Bob is a native Maine resident and Lisa moved to Maine from Arkansas in 2013. We have a sustainable produce farm located in Patten, Maine, andtake great pride in growing high-quality fruits and vegetables for our customers at our Farm!

Premium Food Experience

Great tastes with every bite

Think about the size of your family, the type of vegetables that you like and will eat, and what you plan on doing with the vegetables.

The farm is nestled between Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Chase on Route 11, which is part of the Aroostook Scenic Highway. We are located right on the Patten/Mt. Chase line.

A 5 pound bag of potato seed started our farming adventure six years ago. It was purchased by Lisa for an elementary school project in her classroom. The left over seed (only two were taken out of the bag mind you) was taken back to the farm and planted. More potatoes were planted each year, in addition to other vegetables.  We sold produce in our roadside farm stand whichgrew larger and eventually the journey to farmers markets began and still continues. 

We love getting to know our customers, their background and experiences. The farm markets have enabled us to estatablish new realationships, be transparent about our growing practices and help customers understand where their food is coming from.

Top Quality, Fresh ProduceCSA Top Quality Produce

Membership Agreement

We will provide you with top-quality fruits and vegetables
to the best of our ability under the conditions given to us by nature.

What Our Customers Say!

Our Location

Our Farm is located 3 miles north of Patten on Route 11 traveling toward Ashland.
If you are traveling on Interstate 95, take the Sherman/Patten Exit - 264. Travel north on Route 11 toward Patten.
We are located approximately 12 1/2 miles from the Interstate just past the Patten/ Mt. Chase town line.

Get In Touch!

Logo Lisa's Roots & Fruits Patten Maine

Mailing Address:
PO Box 109
Patten, Maine 04765

Physical Address:
540 North Road
Mt. Chase, Maine

Telephone: Lisa: 870-635-0530   Robert: 207-592-0060

Farm Stand Opened Daily for the entire season
9AM to Dusk July-October